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Turkey has the 18th largest economy in the world with $820 billion Gross Domestic Product (GDP). At the same time Turkey’s agricultural economy is the 8th largest in the world.  About 50.6% of the country consist of agricultural lands and 14.6% forest. The agricultural land is around 38,9 million hectares that consist of 54.9% arable lands and 45.1% permanent lands. Agricultural production value of Turkey is about 41 billion $. In the agricultural sector, the rate of crop production is 71.3%, animal product rate is 28.7%. 23.7% of Turkey’s population is employed in agriculture. Turkey’s female labour in agriculture is the 3th largest in the world. Turkey is a major producer of wheat, sugar beet, milk, whole fresh cow, tomatoes, barley, potatoes, grapes, maize, watermelons and apple. Apricots, cherries, hazelnuts with shell, figs, quinces and poppy seed are the most produced agricultural commodities by Turkey in the world. Turkey's top three agricultural export products are respectively flour of wheat, tomatoes, lemons and limes. In addition to this, wheat, soybeans and sunflower seed are repectively Turkey's top three agricultural import products. The results of this study will provide important information to Turkey’s agricultural sector.

We encourage to our investors to make an investment to Turkish agriculture sector. Government subvent the sector seriously. With our experienced academicians and agricultural engineers, we are able to lead your agriculture and husbandry invetment in Turkey.

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