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Who We Are

Sarvas Company has a team of experienced Engineers, Academics, Architects, and Financiers who provide a consultation service across the buildings, energy, and agriculture sectors in the Turkey market. If you would like to obtain Turkish citizenship, we will take care of the process on your behalf.

As a family company, Sarvas was established in 2004 and has accomplished very successful projects from investment in land to acquisition, agricultural planning, and complex architectural design.

We also know which sectors in some regions are supported and subsidized by the Turkish Government, and we can manage your entire investment process from the feasibility report to realizing your project. You can also ask us how to use your capital in Turkey and what kind of investment you make in Turkey. Our expertise offers you profitable investment options.

Any property in Turkey, from a flat to a villa, from a for sale hotel to land, we can help you with finding a property and the purchase process; we are authorized sellers of many apartment and villa projects throughout Turkey. After you obtain Turkish citizenship and give power of attorney to our lawyer, we follow each step and keep you informed about the citizenship process.

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Our Mission

With our mission statement, Sarvas Investment Consulting strives to be the most creative and thoughtful investment consultant in the Turkish Market, helping clients in all fields achieve results through a sophisticated, client-centric approach. Our mission is to attract foreign investors to Turkey and facilitate their investments. With our expert team, we support you from energy to tourism, from agriculture to real estate, and then we handle all steps to obtain your Turkish citizenship on your behalf.

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Our Vision

The objective of our vision is to attract at least one billion dollars in investments to Turkey within the next five years and strengthen Turkey's economy internationally.

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شرکت سارواس

شرکت سارواس با تکیه بر اعتبار بین المللی، تجارب و موفقعیت های مدیریتی مفتخر است که فعالیت خود را در ارائه مشاوره جهت سرمایه گذاری در بخش انرژی، کشاورزی، ساختمان و املاک (مسکونی، تجاری، اداری)، خرید خانه های ویلایی به صورت نوساز و همچنین پیش فروش پروژه های در حال ساخت با همکاری گروه مشاورین، مهندسین، معماران و وکلای متخصص و مسلط به زبان ترکی و فارسی مطمئن ترین و ایمن ترین پروژه ها را برای پاسخگویی به نیازهایتان به شما ارائه می دهد.

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